PM Career Path Development & Coaching

Project Management Career Path Development & Benchmarking

Our Approach

  • Needs Assessment & Requirements
  • Design & Map Project Management Organization Needs
  • Define & Map Competency Model & Career Path
  • Job Benchmarking Process
    • –Job Benchmark Report for Each Job
  • Talent Assessment
  • Career Development Roadmaps for Each Role
  • Job Book for Each Role (Job Benchmark; Talent Report; Gap Analysis)
  • Implement new model/benchmark tools & training to optimize existing team and for new hires

Benefits of the right person in the right job:

Research has proven that job-related talents are directly related to job satisfaction and personal performance.

  • Increased Job Satisfaction Across All PM Roles
  • Improved Performance and Productivity
  • Higher Job Retention
  • Significant Savings & ROI
  • Save the costs of hiring the wrong person  (up to 900% of salary for experienced knowledge workers)
  • Better Managed Projects – More Effective Teams
  • Optimized ROI on all Project Investments

Accountability is crucial

  • More than a third of team members attribute project success directly to the skills and experience of the PM.
  • Less than one third of organizations worldwide have a clearly defined project management career path.

PMPI presents People First PM Solutions:

Organizational Solutions

  • Mapping PM Roles & Responsibilities to Organizational Needs
  • Defining Key Accountabilities
  • Optimized roles to reach desired results 

People Solutions

  • Custom Assessment to Determine Job Requirements
  • Talent Assessment to fit the Right Person for the Right Job
  • Custom Defined Career Development Roadmap 

Project Management Mapping: Competency Modeling & Career Path