PMO Set-up and Implementation

Establish a High Performance PMO

Over the past 20 years organizations have invested billions of dollars per year in developing and implementing project management. Although there have been significant improvements in project management processes and systems, project management is still coming up short in delivering its full potential within most organizations. One key reason for this shortcoming, and even disappointment, can be directly linked to the lack of organizational value placed on the role of project management. In fact, the gap between becoming a truly effective or high performance project management organization can be illustrated by analyzing the variance between organizational value and the investment into process and systems as illustrated in the figure below:

PMO value

The above illustration highlights one of many issues that organizations have to overcome to move from an ad hoc – low performing PM organization to a high performance PMO. The typical approach organizations take is to focus first on developing skills, tools & process paying less attention to the value on project management as a function, which may even happen more by accident than design.

PMPI address the challenges that need to be resolved for organizations to move through a very straightforward path from an accidental or ad hoc project management organization to a high level, high performance organization. Drawing on over 20 years of experience, working with 100’s of organizations and 1000’s of people on implementing project management offices/organizations (PMO’s) and solutions, PMPI are ready to server you today.

PMO Assessment Services

Using our proven effective assessment tool we can quickly and easily evaluate your organization on 5 key competency areas. This will allow us to zero in on the areas that need the most attention and establish a prioritized roadmap based on short term, medium term and long term goals.

Mapping your level of performance is easier than you think and provide you meaningful results on your path to a consistently high performance PMO.

PMO portfolio

The above are the results of mapping your performance for process and systems. We also assess and measure skills, organizational value and project portfolio management.

What should you be investing in to become a high performance PMO? Call us today to get started. It’s time and money well spent and with our expertise and know how it is easier to implement than you think. Start maximizing your PMO investment today.

PMO Set-Up

Need to set-up or revamp your project management office or organization. What type of PMO should you establish? What kind of organizational structure do you need to best support your projects for optimal results?

PMPI has the expertise and know how to take a complete and holistic view at your requirements whether it be for your entire organization or for one business group, function or department. Over the past 20 years we our PMPI experts have developed the total project and portfolio management (PPM) framework that we refer to as Total PPM.

What are your PM organizational needs?

PMO organization

Whether you are a functional, matrix or projectized organization, PMPI has the track record and know how to ensure you set-up the most effective PMO to meet your immediate needs while keeping in mind your medium and long term goals. We can insure your success while steering you clear of major risks and pitfalls.

Avoid costly re-work, false starts and outright failure. Contact us today for a free consultation to explore a fit between your needs and our expertise.

PMO Staffing and Hiring Services

PM-Practice can provide you with all the support you need with your project management staffing and hiring needs. Whether it be for a project scheduler, coordinator or a more senior PM or Executive we are here to help. We offer temp to hire options as well as PM’s for hire to support your current or future project workload. We offer support for the following roles:

  • Project Scheduler/Coordinator
  • Project Manager
  • PMO Director/Executive