Template Development and Scheduling Support

Template Development and Scheduling Support

To save time for recurring projects and gain consistency for similar projects, we will work with you to develop Project Management Templates.

Working closely with key stakeholders, PMPI will develop relevant templates using your version of MS Project. These templates will include the WBS outline; task durations, task dependencies, and generic resource assignments. The templates will also include any custom fields, tables, views and filters required.  The templates provide the following benefits:

  • Incredible savings in project start-up time and costs.
  • Work Breakdown Structure completed, no missing activities.
  • Right Deliverable content, detail level, and format.
  • Reset the project Start Date, and you are ready to go.

Schedule Development and Support

PMPi have professional project schedulers who can assist you with developing initial programs or project schedules, typically using Microsoft Project, and help maintain them once the project enters the execution stage. We can help optimize an existing plan or create one from scratch using proven effective tools and techniques to get you up and running in the most cost-effective and efficient way possible.